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The composition is a woody-spicy with a leather backbone, developed by Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong . It is also described as a sharp, crisp and mysterious ode to wood. Top notes include zesty citruses of bergamot and grapefruit. The heart of the mysterious trail of leather accords is enhanced with spices, black pepper, woods and vetiver. The base notes are rich dark woods, patchouli and incense with tonka bean.

The Evil Eye is not just an Italian folklore but is present in many different cultures. Each of these cultures have their own versions of the Evil Eye. However, the Evil Eye is very prominent in Italian culture and still a common superstition today among Italians and Italian-Americans. The Evil Eye is a look one gives another to put bad luck upon them either causing them misfortune or causing a type of mild physical look is cast by someone typically because of jealousy and envy. However Italian culture has two ways to counteract the Evil Eye. These are the Italian Horn, or the “Cornuto” and the “Mano Carnuto”, the hand horn. The Italian Horn is a pendant often worn on a necklace in a shape similar to a chili pepper. This pendant is often in gold or coral and is said to be sacred to the Moon Goddess. This is meant to ward off evil spirits as well. The “Mano Carnuto” is the formation of a hand in a fist with the pinky finger and index finger extended. This is also supposed to ward of negative vibes and the Evil Eye. Both of these counteractions are of Italian origins.

D. & V. - Darkness Vibes E.P.D. & V. - Darkness Vibes E.P.D. & V. - Darkness Vibes E.P.D. & V. - Darkness Vibes E.P.